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By Coley Waataja in Antioch Community Church 5 months ago | 314 views
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We are offering another session of our Antioch 101 course! This class is a great way to learn more about our church and is also a prerequisite for membership at Antioch.

There is some reading you’ll need to do in advance, so please RSVP with enough time for us to get you the material.

Dinner will be provided; however, childcare will not be, so make sure to find a sitter if necessary.

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May 14
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
1121 Jackson St NE
Suite #110
Minneapolis MN 55413
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10 people
are coming
Krista Rakochy (1)

Mike Frost (FB) (1)

Rachel Frost (FB) (2)

Rachel Love (2)

Kim Almeroth (FB) (1)

Tyler Moncur (FB) (1)

Pastor Andy O'Rourke (1)

Derek Peterson (1)

Antioch Community Church

We are a community of believers in NE Minneapolis who are seeking to ignite a movement of the gospel throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

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